projekty unijne

Forging bars and forgings
Forging performed on forging ingots, slabs, rolled blooms and billets of maximum weight
up to 15 Mg according to our programme production

Heat treatment
Forgings, castings, products rolled, welded structures made of steel and alloys
- Quenching and tempering
max 650mm, max length 7000mm, max weight 10Mg
for rings, disks, blocks and plates weigh max 5 Mg
- Annealing, normalising, stress relief annealing
Max length 8500 mm, max width 2000 mm, max height 2000 or
Max length 5000 mm, max width 3000 mm, max height 1700

Rough machining
- Turning
50 mm Ă· 100mm - max length 2500mm
101mm Ă· 200mm - max length 4000mm
201mm Ă· 950mm - max length 7000mm

- Milling
max 800mm max length 3000mm
- Shaping
max 900mm max length 5000mm
- Boring openings for sizes:
55mm Ă· 110mm - max length 6000mm
145mm Ă· 220mm - max length 2500mm

for bras max 600mm
- saw cutting
max 800mm